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Inspiring and engaging through disruptive communications

When it comes to communication everyone wants something that’s interesting, engaging, fresh and new. Organisations that are thriving with their communications are using a range of techniques from crowdsourcing campaigns to disruption.

Just as marketing companies identify more innovate ways to get consumers to pay attention to their product, to match the demand of an emerging market, or re-shape an existing product or service internally organisations need to do the same.

When conditions change rapidly, organisations find previous approaches which have led to success in the past, are no longer effective. It can be hard to let go of these approaches but it’s possible to deliver disruptive communication that exploit opportunities during transformational or other change.

Developing campaigns which give employees a bigger voice, disrupts the way people think and feel and helps organisations achieve their goals quicker, change existing cultures, strengthen reputation and staff engagement to inspire people to think differently.

We intelligently combine the technologies that organisations use and introduce modern communication tools to break down barriers and transform the employee experience. We take advantage of digital and social media technologies to help find a way to break through the status quo by introducing something that can’t go unnoticed. We ensure key messages remain in people’s minds long after the first communication.

Some of our recent campaigns include:

An instagram campaign using user generated content to harness the power and intelligence of employees to give them a voice and engage them in the future. Using real people and sharing real stories we have encouraged everyone to participate and start to think about their role in helping shape the future and share ideas.

A pop up experiential campaign in key places where people pass to help engage employees in the business transformation and new ways of working. We have encouraged people to stop and look using touch screens to visualise the future, test and use real technology to see how it will transform and improve ways of working, applying gamification to new processes and specific work scenarios to make it more engaging, memorable and entertaining.

A disruptive ambient advertising campaign to gain employee attention and get people to start to think differently about cyber risk. We have used effective messaging and different techniques placing messaging on unusual items and in unusual places to grab attention and get people to start to sit up and take notice and put security at the forefront of decision making.

Using visually dynamic concepts and creative messages we have helped ensure 95% of all staff are aware of the new GDP regulations and what they need to do differently. The campaign is ongoing to ensure good data management becomes an integral part of what everyone does. Using a range of disruptive techniques we have created personal messages that have helped people connect and deliver results.

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